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My Recorded Cover Songs – Sex and Candy (karaoke)

January 26th, 2012 . by Alexander Fisher

alex06I am not a big karaoke fan, although I certainly see the value in using it to have a little fun.

I decided to record me singing another favorite song of mine from a karaoke disc. I just recorded The Middle using a karaoke disc that I had, last night. There are many more songs on these discs, but I am not sure I am going to record anymore of them. I probably could’ve performed the music on this real fast and ended up with approximately the same song. But when I say “real fast”, I doubt if I could have done it in less than forty-eight hours. This I did in three. Only focusing on the vocals makes things go a lot faster and I still have a bunch of fun.

Sex and Candy has been a favorite song of mine for several years. I have the band Marcy Playground’s, album with Sex and Candy on it. I think I have another Marcy Playground CD too. I like their lyrics and the coolness of the over all sound. The rest of this particular CD has that same slow burn. I am not sure about the other CD. Sometimes I buy CD’s by bands I like, but never get around to listening to them.

Sex and Candy

[audio: and Candy_m.mp3]

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