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The Linear Canvas

Distorted Views of Elitism

April 18th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

As the Clinton campaign nears the end of its life, as a last-ditch hope, they have made an issue of some recent remarks by Barack Obama as proof that he is some sort of intellectual or financial elitist. It is humorous that the two other candidates for president in 2008, one a Republican and the other a Democrat, would make such a charge against Mr. Obama. This issue has been curiously repeated by the McCain campaign after the Clinton campaign made an issue of it to start with. Obviously both Republican and Democrat national committees consider Mr. Obama a threat and are in apparently some kind of sync.

As far as being a financial elitist, if you compare Mr. Obama with me, I will admit to you that he is much more elitist than I am. Between his and his wife’s salaries, the Obama’s were able to earn close to $4.2 million last year, mostly from his book sales. On the other hand in the last 10 years, the Clintons earned around $110 million. Quite a bit more.

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