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The Linear Canvas

Renaissance Center Rooftop Fun

September 28th, 2009 . by Alexander Fisher

This a video of me on the roof of the Renaissance Center tower. It is the tallest building in Detroit, Michigan. It’s a wonder I wasn’t killed that day.

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Malware; Virus’, Spies, Ads, and Bot’s or How’s That "Free Anti-Virus" Working Out For You?

September 20th, 2009 . by Alexander Fisher

When referring to a computer virus, there are many types that are easily confused. I tend to refer to all as Malware (malicious software). The bottom line is that they all do about the same things, in different ways, for different reasons. Some take control of your computer for nefarious purposes. Others were created just to make your life a little more difficult.

I have been asked several times recently about Personal Anti-Virus, a "rogue" program that had been infecting computers in the last few months with a Trojan Horse. I looked it up on search and anti-virus web sites. The response from Symantec (Norton) went something like, "Had you had our product installed, this wouldn’t have happened to you." Not very diplomatic or helpful, but probably true. Some of the other responses I found were to use other "rogue" sounding programs that probably would make it worse.

Malware Removal

There were some helpful posts around the web in my search for a remedy for the Personal Anti-Virus, which if one had enough computer knowledge, they could eliminate pretty much the whole threat. Unfortunately some directions I found were more complete than others, leading to immediate re-infections by the rogue program. I don’t think most casual computer users would have the patience to continue past that point.

In many cases, the Malware is spread to so many places on the computer hard drive that removing it manually is not worth the effort. Some times the existing Anti-Virus program has been uninstalled or crippled by the Malware as well. Often the most obvious way of ridding the system is using specifically created software for Malware removal or by doing a system restore of one kind or another. After removal, Anti-Virus program re-installation may be necessary too.

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Senator Al Franken; Is That The Sound Of Bill O’Reilly’s Head Exploding?

September 7th, 2009 . by Alexander Fisher

I’ve always liked Al Franken, No matter what Fox Network (they’re not news) says about him, he’s funny and smart. More so than any of the Fox-licans that hate him. I used to listen to his Air America radio show because it was informative and funny. I quit listening in it’s last year because he started running for the US Senate and the funny suffered. I can get informative from anywhere.

Here are a couple of cool videos taken recently at the Minnesota State Fair, of Senator Al Franken. The first one, he talks down a Tea Bagger mob with logic, reason, and knowledge. The second he draws a USA map from memory. I’d like to see Bill O’Reilly do either.


Senator Al Franken calms down health insurance reform opponents


Senator Al Franken draws a map of the USA from memory

Letters to Cleo – Rimshak (video)

September 4th, 2009 . by Alexander Fisher

I bet for at least three years in the 1990’s, I told people my favorite rock group was the Boston band, Letters to Cleo. They had one big hit (Here and Now) and put out a few albums, but never made it that big. I bought lead singer Kay Henley’s first solo album. Kay has a pretty incredible voice. She has done some singing for Disney movies and  has released a couple more solo CD’s since she left the group. Nothing beats how raw and powerful their sound was in their prime.

This video is pretty good quality, but the sound is only "just OK". It was recorded live in a record store in 1993.

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Pay Day Loans, Good Riddance

September 3rd, 2009 . by Alexander Fisher

I am so glad that Ohio finally got rid of the Pay Day Loan racket. They were only in poorer areas and preyed on those that could least afford it. There was a time that loan sharking was illegal everywhere. I am not sure how all this got started, but I know these people are aggressive in recovering loans. I’m not sure anyone got their leg broken like a loan shark might do. But abuse and harassment take many forms.

Quite a few states still have legal Pay Day Loan businesses. Back in high school, I can remember speculating that we would have small privately held bank’s someday and they would be called something like…Bob’s Bank. Little did I know that someday there would be that type of bank, but I never anticipated they would be evil. Even more evil than corporate banks! That’s alot of evil.

I am sure that Pay Day Loan defenders would say the up to 400% interest that Pay Day Loan sharks are charging is because of the service they are providing to their customers. And that without that service how would these people get by?

It turns out, many that borrow money from a Pay Day Loan racketeer, enter a cycle of borrowing, paying back, and borrowing again, that some people may never pay off. Even when the debt is finally paid, it ends up costing many times the original loan amount. Is this how we should be treating our poor and needy? This type of service only enriches those that have, at the expense of those that have the least. If that isn’t a crime, it should be.

The video link is to a report done by Katie Couric on the The CBS Evening News about the Pay Day Loan racket in the U.S.



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Rebecca Johnston, Mother Of Four Featured In Obama Infomercial, Is Headed To Boot Camp

September 2nd, 2009 . by Alexander Fisher

Don’t get me wrong, I wish she didn’t have to do this. It pains me that her marriage is in trouble. I hope she doesn’t get hurt.

But I think that she could come out of this stronger and a more confident person. Maybe benefitting even more personally than the additional salary she’ll make. Every person should have a few adventures in their life. Hopefully the kids will have no problems related to this.

And thirty-five is still young.
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