The Linear Canvas
This journal is about the wrongs and rights of the world, as I see them.

The Linear Canvas

My Newest Recording – I Don’t Know

July 8th, 2017 . by Alexander Fisher

I originally wrote this song right after 9/11. That was back when I thought just a small band of ill equipped guys from some small country in the middle east could defeat the United States’ Trillion Dollar military. Like everybody else did for awhile.
There was something about the song I liked, especially with the emotions I had put into writing it. But there was just something about it that I felt was missing and after recording it, I never did anything else to it. I also started doubting the science of what I was being told about what happened on 9/11.
I just happened to come across this song recently and liked it well enough to give it another try. When I wrote the song originally, I came up with the drum part first. That is the only time that has ever happened. I changed the drum sounds on this recording, but I digitized my original performance on my Ludwig’s from back then and used it. I added a piano and polished it all up a bit. I also came to some peace in the way I interpret the meaning of the lyrics I wrote then and what I believe happened now. There is common ground lyrically.
I no longer think just “some guys from the Middle East” could defeat the most heavily armed country in the world. That would be impossible.

Liberal Opposition destroying American Democracy for Profit

July 8th, 2017 . by Alexander Fisher

Corporate media likes to give liberals advice about changing their message so they can "win" elections. The liberal opposition (not really conservative) bought up the media, gerrymandered the states, and gave us hack-able voting systems and still couldn’t win everything to establish their anti-democratic "Permanent Majority". So they brought in an experienced authoritarian country to "fix" our election system once and for all for them. Seems to me that same liberal opposition is the one that needs to change their message, and actions, to conform to the spirit and content of our Constitution and the action expected from them to protect the republic it helped create from foreign influence. But there’s no money in that.

Loving America on July 4, 2017

July 4th, 2017 . by Alexander Fisher


On July 4th I am reminded of patriotism by the things I do not have to do to prove I love America:


· I do not have to fly any flag to prove I love America and doing so does not make me love America more than any other person.

· I do not have to belong to any one religion or have any religion at all to prove I love America.

· I do not have to be an American citizen or even live in America to prove I love America.

· I do not have to be any specific gender, skin color, or sexual orientation to prove I love America.

· I do not have to live in any one neighborhood, village, city or state or even have a home to prove I love America.

· I do not have be above or below any income level to prove I love America.

· I do not have to know any important, famous, or infamous people to prove that I love America.

Anyone that thinks that requiring any preconditions as proof a person loves America does not themselves understand what loving America means. For those individuals:

· You do not have to respect the opinions and rights of others and not quite get the democracy thing and you can still love America. It’s just that if you act out with violence against other American’s you should probably be in prison.

· You do not have to not be incarcerated to prove you love America.