The Linear Canvas
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The Linear Canvas

Conservative Media?

March 2nd, 2003 . by Alexander Fisher

I went to the restroom at a Chili’s restaurant in Toledo, Ohio last Friday. Like a lot of restaurants, they had copies of that days USA Today above the urinals. One urinal had the front page, the other had the sports section. I chose the front page. I read some of the headlines and was disturbed at the change in political direction USA Today has taken over the years.

I began reading USA Today right after the publication began. I barely missed an issue up until about six months ago. I was even published in the letters to the editor column twice. I felt a bit lost without it when I couldn’t find a copy. Now I won’t buy it at all. I finally had had enough of USA Today’s desire to make government responsible only to right wing conservatives and reactionaries. I thought about the hundreds of copies of USA Today that I had bought and read over the years.

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