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The Linear Canvas

Taser Anyone?

June 26th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

This report came from the "INTERNETS"

Report: Taser Use In Man’s Death Did Not Violate Policy

An investigation by the Butler County (Ohio) Sheriff’s Office has found that an Oxford police officer did not violate policy when he used a Taser gun on an intoxicated man who later died.

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Shouldn’t part of the policy be, "Don’t kill anybody"?

It’s pretty obvious that law enforcement is given the benefit of the doubt most of the time when there are casualties.  This is probably because they are involved in so many more incidents that might result in harming someone.  In the heat of the moment, anything can happen.  There are some pretty dangerous people out there and no officer could ever know the intentions of others they encounter.

A little is probably the familiarity with the officers by those that make and enforce the rules.

It’s not this one incident really, it’s my perception, so that is my reality.  Maybe, if they ever seemed to find an officer guilty of something my perception would be different.  Maybe it does happens. But if it does, they don’t give it enough publicity.

Taser’s can be dangerous weapons. The way they are marketed makes them seem mostly harmless.  I can see their use by the public as opposed to a gun, but I just think they have become weapons of convenience for security guards and law enforcement and some don’t hesitate to use them when maybe they should, just to think about the harm they might cause.

FISA and Giving Corporations Immunity, So They Don’t Rat Out Corrupt Politicians

June 19th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

I do not support any FISA legislation that includes telecom wiretap immunity.  If the telecom companies get away with this, then most likely the administration will get away with any and all of the crimes they are guilty of. I assume that they will find a way to pardon all of the law breakers in the end, but this was too big, so they need congress to do their dirty work.

You know this is wrong. You probably went to the same public schools I did and learned the same American History. How can this be reconciled with what we know about the ideals that the United States of America was founded on?

With the building scrutiny about other matters concerning the current presidents, their policies,and their decisions, I beg you to find yourself on the correct side of history and contact your representative in congress. In history’s rear view mirror, those that stood by the constitution during this time, including yourself, will be seen as a savior of our constitutional democracy.

Please standup for what you know is right and do not support any FISA legislation including telecom wiretap immunity.

How I didn’t get AT&T U-verse

June 15th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

Let me start out by saying that I have been a cable television employee most of my adult life. I worked for  telephone companies for att-u-verse-logotwelve years, but I was involved in microwave video transport. I wasn’t punching down hundred pair cables, although I can.

Recently my employer, a cable company, asked for volunteers to test our new competitor, AT&T U-verse at no charge for one year. Of course, I volunteered immediately. They told me to order the best digital TV package with a DVR, the fastest Internet service and all the pay channels that they offered. (Jealous yet?) The bill would have been around $160 per month.

Here are some highlights (or low-lights) of my AT&T experience…

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KISS Live at Veterans Memorial Columbus Ohio 1975

June 9th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

I saw thBuy Kiss Alive at Amazon.come rock band KISS in April 1975 at Veteran’s Memorial in Columbus, Ohio. It is a fairly large hall with pretty good sound, that still exists today. There was always a party going on down in the lobby in 1975.

I got a  call one day from my 14 year old girlfriend, Vickie. She told me that she had tickets for KISS and that we were going with her friend, Dig. I think I remember that she had gotten her “friend” (a guy) to get the tickets for her. Dig had a crush on Vickie. But she was in love with me. I liked her, but I was always a little embarrassed by her age. To Dig’s great disappointment, Vickie just liked him as a friend. I think she really only liked “bad boys” like me.

One thing Dig had that I didn’t, was a car.

Vickie and I used to double date with Dig and his girlfriend (and her broken leg). She was a whole lot of fun, cute with a great body, so I guess I should’ve liked her more, but I had just turned 17 and I always felt I needed a more mature woman. Despite her age, Vickie was usually able to make things happen, mainly because of her friends.  Plus, guys that knew her would jump through hoops for her in hopes that would get them a date, or least some interest from her. She accomplished things that I could have never achieved on my own. Because I was her boyfriend, I certainly benefited, no matter how she pulled it off.

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Will Progressive Radio Disappear in Columbus, Again?

June 6th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

I am not completely surprised that WVKO-1580AM radio in Columbus, Ohio is soliciting donations to continue broadcasting Air America, Jones, and NovaM network progressive radio programs.  I received an e-mail recently asking for a donation to help WVKO defray operating costs.  The reason given was that they Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, and Stephanie Millercouldn’t get enough advertisers. 

Since the previous radio station carrying progressive programming, WTPG-1230AM, was removed from the air by Clear Channel Broadcasting after making small gains in local ratings, there had been no progressive station in the Columbus area. Because of that reality, many former WTPG listeners turned to the Internet and satellite radio for Air America, etc. Others chose to subscribe to podcasts of their favorite show or shows that they were listening to on WTPG, as I did.

Alternate media sources is just one of the reasons why advertisers, and maybe listeners, have not flocked to WVKO since it returned the progressive format to the Columbus air waves. Because of its minimal coverage area and legal necessity to reduce power at sundown, I’ll bet most people didn’t even know that WVKO had changed formats and progressive talk was back on the air again. 

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