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The Linear Canvas

My Recorded Cover Songs – Snowblind (v0.93b)

November 22nd, 2011 . by Alexander Fisher

Alexander's StratocacasterI said I was going to record Snowblind , a song written and originally recorded by the band Black Sabbath,  a few weeks ago. The song first appears on their “Vol 4”  album which in my opinion is the greatest Black Sabbath album. I wasn’t sure if I’d manage to get it done, but I’m here to tell you that it is nearly done, almost nearly done at that. All I need is to add some strings starting at the last verse and record the ending guitar solo.

I should say I need to learn the ending guitar solo. I had never played that deep into this song before to ever need the ending. So yesterday was the first time I ever looked at the sheet music for it. I think I can do it, but it is a lot of string bending and hammer-ons. The tuning on this song is 1.5 steps down from normal anyway and that makes the strings so loose that I swear you can see your breath moving them.

I just fade this recording out near the end. The finished total song length will be nearly seven minutes and the final solo is about one minute itself. With the holidays upon us, I hope I can finish it soon, but two weeks may be the best guess. It depends on how obsessed with it I become.

Snowblind (v0.93b)

[audio: BS 20111122_1153 beta_mcd24.mp3]

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If there is one thing I regret in recording this song, is using the the same key that Black Sabbath played it in. My fingertips are intact and I think my vocals could have benefitted from a step or two higher in key. Also I used my Stratocaster. Tony Iommi used a Gibson SG guitar, which I think has a much fatter sound. My Strat has a humbucker pickup like an SG, but I still think the sound is slightly thinner.

There are some other things in the song that I will probably change too when I finish it. I think the bass guitar is too loud in this mix, for one. Some other things I notice I may just live with, making the American Idol excuse that I’m making it my own. I love that.

When I finish the song I will repost it. As I said, It’ll probably take me a week or two before I’m confortable recording the ending solo. I just thought that I wanted to share it now, because it rocks. Really.

My Newest Music Video – The Wavelength

November 17th, 2011 . by Alexander Fisher

I was looking at my web site and I realized I had never posted my most recent music video. I posted it everywhere else except my own site. How’d I forget that?

Alexander Fisher–The Wavelength

I used Sony Vegas Movie Producer to create the video. It is shot entirely with my digital 8mm Sony camcorder using green screen technology.