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The Linear Canvas

Optometrist Office Fun

February 16th, 2009 . by Alexander Fisher

I called and made an eye appointment today, late in the day.  I had been putting it off for a while. I had been going to a different eye doctor but I was less than impressed with their service. I looked up optometrists on my insurance providers web site and found one just a couple of miles down the street from my house. I called to make an appointment. The person on the phone said they had just had a cancellation and I could come in, in less than an hour. I asked my supervisor if I could leave early from work and he said yes. So I headed towards the optometrist office.

Not only was I surprised I got in so quickly, I was treated very well by all of the staff when I got there, except for the optometrist. He was an older man. Before I even met him, I had pegged him as an extrovert. He was talking to a woman about her child’s glasses, and being a bit overly dramatic. I just thought he had an odd manner about him, and he was certainly an overconfident type of guy.

After the testing that I received from the office staff, I waited for a short while and then was led back into an examination room. When the optometrist came in, he immediately asked me if my contacts were forty-four years old (?). I said no they were a few years old, but not forty-four. Twice when he was trying to explain to me the difference in my eyes because of my age, he got my age wrong. I tried to communicate with him, as best I could, but he wasn’t hearing anything I was saying. He would just say something that I never felt connected to what I was saying. During the examination he seemed confused and became very condescending after I said anything. I really can’t remember what it was he said that finally got to me, but in essence he was talking over me as I tried to explain my history and didn’t seem to believe me that I have never had bi-focal glasses or contacts. At the moment that I’d had enough, I went silent for about 2-3 seconds, then I asked him, “Do you want my business or not?”.

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Wal-Mart Republicans

August 9th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

There was a story in the news recently about Wal-Mart managers being told that the Democratic party taking over in the November 2008 election would be bad for all of them. They were advising them to vote Republican instead.


(Cartoon by Steve Greenberg.)

This is very typical of their behavior towards their employees. The reasons that I do not buy anything from Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club are because they have abused their employees so much in the past. Stories about locking up their employees in the store while they were working so they could not leave, forcing employees to work overtime for no pay, and passing over women and minorities for job advancement are just some of the reasons that I want nothing to do with them.

I won’t shop at Wal-Mart. I have gone into a Wal-Mart three times in the past four years, but did not buy anything once, bought a wallet in Kentucky, and bought some clothes for my great-niece, who loved Wal-Mart, the other time. Within the last six months, I almost gave in and joined Sam’s Club, just because there is one real close to me. But within a few days I read a news story about Wal-Mart once again abusing its employees in some manner. That put a stop to that.

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