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The Linear Canvas

PC Magazine, We Hardly Knew Ye!

May 12th, 2007 . by Alexander Fisher

I have subscribed to many magazines over the years. Many of them have been computer related. I began receiving Run Magazine, Compute!, and Compute!’s Gazette back in the nineteen eighties. I read every page and saved most of these magazines for years. I always said it was for reference, but it also reminded me of a time when I had a whole lot of fun learning and playing.

After I threw away my Commodore 64 magazines, boxed up my C-128, and bought a PC, I determined that PC Magazine seemed to be a straightforward computer magazine without as much marketing hype as some of the others. I had been subscribing to PC World magazine and determined at one point that PC World was following a path to less information about PCs and more about entertainment products. About this time, another magazine I was reading, Maximum PC, was in a rush to please its corporate marketers by acquiring more subscribers which included those that can barely open a PC, let alone build one. I dropped both PC World and Maximum PC.

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