The Linear Canvas
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The Linear Canvas


August 31st, 2002 . by Alexander Fisher

There is a real user led initiative to find a way to limit or even eliminate spam called SpamNet from Cloudmark. I don’t have to tell you how much time we all waste dealing with spam or when you lose important e-mails in the sheer volume of spam messages in your inbox.

The same techniques used in the music sharing service, Napster, are behind the service that SpamNet provides. Napster co-founder Jordan Ritter is also one of the leaders on this project. Tell your friends and have them tell theirs. Don’t wait for the government to do something about spam. Please get involved by downloading the software, which is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. The best part is that it is free. You can download the free Outlook plug-in (An Outlook Express plug-in should be ready soon, or so they say) at the address below.

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