The Linear Canvas
This journal is about the wrongs and rights of the world, as I see them.

The Linear Canvas

War in the Middle East

March 30th, 2002 . by Alexander Fisher

When I hear of more deaths in the Middle East, I am sure that the trouble there will never end. There never seems to be a day where one religion is not pitted against another in mortal combat some where in the world. Just when peace gains momentum to establish an agreement that will curtail the violence, those that have the position to further profit from the escalation, commit an act that provokes the other side again. This is a cycle that so far, continues throughout our modern history.

I believe that the trouble truly lies in the way that we allow ourselves to value profits above the lives of innocent children and adults. The bullets that are manufactured in the United States and other countries, do find their way into the hands of those that will try to keep the world as unstable as possible. As long as there is a need for weapons in the world, there will be weapons manufactured. As long as there is a profit to be made from weapons, then there will be a need created for them to be sold.

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