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The Linear Canvas

My Recorded Cover Songs – The Middle (karaoke)

January 25th, 2012 . by Alexander Fisher

axes1When I was organizing my CD’s, I found a karaoke disc that I bought several years ago. It was made by/for M-TV and has many  songs on it that I like. I guess that’s why I bought it. I hadn’t done anything with it until tonight.

As I was looking at the contents I noticed it had the song The Middle which was originally recorded by the band Jimmy Eats World. I have their CD that contains The Middle and it is one of my favorite songs. I decided to play around with it and ended up recording me singing it.

I didn’t play any instruments on this recording and there is also a back ground vocal in it that’s not me. Otherwise all the vocals are mine. I started on this really late (it’s 1:30 AM right now) and I didn’t warm up my voice at all. I also didn’t have enough water while I was singing. I hope I can talk tomorrow. As the song got near the end, I was losing my voice. Oh well, I think it came out pretty good anyway. Who needs to talk?

The Middle

[audio: Middle 20120125_1729m.mp3]

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