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The Linear Canvas

Truth or Fascism? (Newsweek Quaran Article)

May 17th, 2005 . by Alexander Fisher

If you think that the recent Newsweek article that contained a section about the desecration of the Quaran was fiction, I would have to tell you I am not so sure. It is just the kind of thing that our favorite American fascists (also known as the neo-cons), would do. It seems they are quite good at denial, cover up, diversion, and finally shifting the blame to others. There is real evidence that American CIA interrogators routinely abused Muslims and had much contempt for anything connected with their religion too. Why is it so hard to believe that they would stop at destroying a book? The question is not whether CIA interrogators at Guantanamo Bay and other Islamic religious penitentiary’s destroyed the Quaran, it is how many they have destroyed, so far.

Newsweek magazine has been an antagonist of the Bush regime at times. Its parent company, the Washington Post, usually gets most of its stories just about correct. There’s nothing more harmful to the plan that President Karl Rove has for us, than for someone to start telling the truth at this point. Newsweek printed the story about the Quaran only after asking the Pentagon if it were true. The Quaran story reportedly came from a government interrogator, and is just a small piece of a Newsweek article that seems accurate otherwise. Strangely, the Pentagon would not comment on the Quaran story before publication of the story. If they had just said then what they are saying now, several people probably would still be alive.

Now to deflect criticism or in an attempt to frame Newsweek the way they framed Dan Rather, the government is questioning the accuracy of the report. I would guess the set-up has begun. If they win this battle, they could take down both the Washington Post and Newsweek. At that time, the control of the newspaper market in Washington could shift to Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s more politically conservative, Washington Times. In addition, Newsweek’s share of the weekly news-magazine market could be taken over by the Time-Warner owned Time Magazine, which is light years more Bush friendly than Newsweek.

America is taking many body blows in this fight to save our democracy from destruction by the so-called Republicans in the White House today. Democracy means many things. The thing that it does best is create equality for the poor with the rich and the powerful. The rich and powerful are obviously just about fed up with not having total control over our country. They have banded together to form a conspiracy to change the way the riches of this country and the world are distributed. I am afraid that without the help of the newspapers or the media in general, we are fighting a propaganda war that the common people cannot win by themselves. This is not about Hitler or Mussolini or Tojo, this is about real fascism in America today. It is here and we’re facing it on our home front, but there will be no terror alert color change when the end comes.

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