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The Linear Canvas

Bush’s Oil

May 15th, 2004 . by Alexander Fisher

I was thinking as I sat in my car driving past gas stations with over two dollar per gallon fuel prices, about George Bush. George and his friends are so tied up with the oil industry, why can’t he get some relief for us? He’s our president, right? I am not sure I’ve ever heard him say too much really about gas prices, he doesn’t pay anything for gas, why should he care? He certainly has time to worry about gays getting married though. Why doesn’t he take a few minutes to think this one out and do the right thing for the whole country?

His connections to the oil industry should concern more people, especially conservatives. Having grown up and worked in the industry, he has too many friends in it. Some of the things that bother me about the Bush’s and big oil are:

• The Bush family has been described by conservative media as “America’s Royal Family”. The Bush’s have been in the oil business for quite awhile.

• George Bush and his family are very friendly with Saudi Arabia’s richest families. His family and the Saudi royal family have some bond evidently that goes beyond just business.

• Many links to terrorism finances go through Saudi Arabian sources. The Saudi royal family has even been accused of involvement with some of these sources.

• Almost all of the September 11th hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Osama Bin Lauden and his family are from Saudi Arabia. The U.S. government helped members of the Bin Lauden family leave the country shortly after September 11th.

• There were many oil company executives who were included in energy policy meetings. The White House will not allow the names of the participants to be made public to prevent any embarrassment. Reportedly, one who attended was Ken Lay, head of Enron.

• An oil company is paying Dick Cheney after he serves his term as vice-president, money they say they owe him. Saying that it is deferred payment somehow is supposed to make it OK that our vice-president is currently on an oil company’s payroll.

• George Bush “worked” in the oil business as an executive for a company that went bankrupt.

• It seems that an extraordinary amount of Bush’s staff are former oil company employees.

• We rushed to the aid of Kuwait when Iraq attacked them back in 1991. As soon as there was the opportunity, we attacked Iraq again in 2003. Both countries are oil producers. Both times there was a Bush in the White House.

• We originally attacked Afghanistan in our “War On Terror”. They don’t have as much oil so no one talks about them anymore even though that is where we actually found the terrorists that helped attack New York and Washington.

• While the troops occupied and safeguarded the Iraqi Oil Ministry building, thousands of looters stole almost everything that was worth anything, including valuable historical artifacts.

The point is that it isn’t as clear to whom George Bush is loyal. The loyalty he supposedly demands from his cohorts is clear. If I demanded the same loyalty from George Bush’s family and friends to me as an American citizen, I am afraid that they could fail the test.

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