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The Linear Canvas

My Newest Recording – Addicted To Something

April 26th, 2011 . by Alexander Fisher

Alexander Fisher 1975-2I have played around with this guitar lick for quite a while. I think I had the music to this long before I had the lyrics. My wife Jill was writing some poetry one night and I pretty much stole borrowed the whole first verse from her. I also say the F word in the end of the song, so cover your ears.

The song is about the addictions that we all have from legal things like coffee and cigarettes to anything else imaginable. It is also about confronting what you need to do when you unburden yourself from the hassles of that habit. It’s all a realization that habits are hard to break and people will change their lifestyles in the end to accommodate their addictions and never seek help.

It also gave me reason to play really loud for over six and a half minutes.

 Addicted To Something

I originally recorded this song in analog on my Yamaha 4 track. It was one of the last songs I recorded on it and was also one of the first I recorded after I got a real set of drums.
I used all of the original analog tracks, but also added some new guitar parts and all new vocals. At first I wasn’t going to use the analog drum track, but after applying a little EQ it was good enough. The lead guitar in the left channel is the original analog recording. It was recorded before I installed a Seymour Duncan humbucking pickup in my Stratocaster, so it is definitely my original  single coil setup on that track.

The lyrics were written by my wife Jill Fisher and me. I wrote the music. I performed all the musical and vocal parts.  I used a Shure SM-58 microphone to record all the vocals. I played my Fender Stratocaster electric guitar on the recording using my Line 6 Pod 2.0 as a direct box. I played bass guitar on my Rickenbacker 4001. The drums are my Ludwig’s.

I recorded, mixed, and mastered this song on my desktop computer using a PreSonus Firebox audio interface, with Cakewalk Sonar v8.5 Producer and Sony Sound Forge v9 software. The master is recorded in 24 bit at 44.1 kHz resolution. On the original analog tracks I used my Yamaha MT-100II 4 track recorder at 3.75 inches per second using dbx noise reduction.

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