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The Linear Canvas

Randi Rhodes and Air America

May 23rd, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

Randi Rhodes Over a month ago, Air America on-air personality Randi Rhodes, was suspended (she later quit), for calling Hillary Clinton “A F***ing Whore” during what she called “a standup comedy routine”, onstage (off-air) in San Francisco.  (see April 3, 2008 NY Times article)  I believe that Randi really thought that comment would be  funny, and to many people, it was. But I really wish Randi had not used such an explicit description of Mrs. Clinton, and I bet deep down, Randi  wishes she hadn’t either. That only gave the Clinton-ista’s and Air America a reason to silence an opposition opinion. I agree with Randi’s basic problems with Hillary, but calling her that was a little too harsh.

It is my suspicion that Randi Rhodes was shown the door because she did not “Toe the Line” established by her employer quite enough, whose preference might be Mrs. Clinton for president in 2008. As I said, I think the comments by Randi that caused all this to occur, were over-the-top. I do understand that she was acting as representative of Air America at this event. And no matter what she says, I understand the significance of that scenario. On the other hand, Randi was one of the more popular personalities on Air America and many of her listeners were very disappointed that Air America no longer carries her program.

Air America, is a progressive radio production company that has only recently emerged from bankruptcy protection by acquiring new investors and owners. As I said, it is my impression that Air America is now owned by people that actually mostly support Hillary Clinton for president. She is a little more conservative than the other Democratic candidate, so she is certainly more business friendly.

I must admit, I really have never been a big fan of Randi Rhodes’ radio show. I did occasionally listen to her program whenever I had the opportunity. I loved the “Bounce Your Boobies” song she played on her show every now and then.  Generally I just listen to my Stephanie Miller podcasts and don’t really listen to any other talk radio programs, except Air America’s weekend program, “Ring of Fire”.  I must say that I am a much bigger fan of Stephanie Miller and Rachel Maddow than Randi Rhodes.  I find these programs generally are far more humorous and much more entertaining.

I agree with Randi on one thing, I could never support a candidate like Clinton that takes money or advice from Karl Rove, Rupert Murdoch, Richard Mellon Scaithe, News Corp, or FOX News, all of which tried to destroy her and her husband in the 1990’s and succeeded in putting some of their associates in jail for little reason. One of the Clinton’s friends even died in prison. Until liberal’s take back the “liberal” media, Randi’s voice and the voice of reason will be easily ignored if we aren’t careful how we express our opinions. Give them any opportunity and they’ll use it against you.

Unfortunately, Big Brother is watching and “Listening”.

Randi has since become part of Nova M Radio  and can be heard on stations carrying that network. I am unsure which stations carry that program now. I believe WVKO-1580 in Columbus carries some Nova M content, but I don’t think WVKO will be on the air much longer. I suspect the only place to receive progressive radio will be on the Internet around here soon anyway .

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