The Linear Canvas
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The Linear Canvas

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

September 19th, 1998 . by Alexander Fisher

The conservative media wondered why so many millions of Americans were so out of sync with over one hundred of the nation’s top newspapers on the Clinton/Lewinsky issue. The question was not why the people were so out of sync with the newspapers. The question should be why were all of the newspapers so out of sync with public opinion? The answer might be that like all other large businesses, newspapers had the same problems other business were facing, mass employment.

Economies like we were experiencing then were causing business leaders to have to look much harder to find workers that will work for the same low wages that were paid under our previous, Trickle Down economy. Workers, who would work for minimum wage, had the power to jump from job to job and somewhat dictate what they would be paid. Sounds Like a good deal to me. But there was no love in our business/government community for that kind of economy. It would be better for those not in power for the economy to fail miserably so that they can point fingers and assure us they told us it wouldn’t work, and to vote for them next election.

The timing of the whole impeachment process, for years to come, has derailed any tobacco, insurance/medical, and campaign finance reform. Coincidence? I doubt it. Those things seem a whole lot more important than anything Ken Starr might’ve dredged up. Those issues probably would never cost forty million dollars and probably not take as many lawyers to screw up. So far the lobbyists for these big money interests are winning. The American public, Democrat and Republican, is the loser. What came from all this was a deep division in America that we haven’t seen since the Civil War. We were in danger as a country, not for what’s morally right or wrong, but what was truly the important issues that we were ignoring and I fear have forgotten for the time being.

The business/political leaders who were behind the effort to derail our economy and our president were not about to stop there. They won’t be happy until we were all making minimum wage and/or on the unemployment line with no medical coverage and smoking cigarettes like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe there isn’t.

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