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The Linear Canvas

The Dubai Port Deal, A Conscious Stupid Idea?

March 15th, 2006 . by Alexander Fisher

The seaport deal giving control of them to the United Arab Emirates was a stupid idea. But was it a conscious stupid idea? What if the Republicans needed, for some reason, to make the congress seem like they have minds of their own? If the election was held today (and was fair), opinion polls are showing that many Republicans would be beaten by Democrats. There is a need to make the congress seem a little more independent from the White House. This was their opportunity.

This flexing of the congressional muscle might also allow Dick Cheney’s employer, Halliburton to take over the ports from the Arabs. Convenient the way these things work out “by accident”. They certainly claim they can handle these big jobs. Unfortunately, they waste so many resources in so many ways. They are an expert at waste, for sure.

I have been under the belief for years that there is no way that this administration can allow anyone to take control of the government that they cannot control. I hope that doesn’t mean there are no more fair elections in our country. They certainly won’t stop at mere election fraud. I am sure that there is a plan for the possibility of opposition leaders taking control. Whatever “Pearl Harbor” like event that is planned next will have to be bigger than before. The trauma that the 9/11 attacks caused seems to be wearing off. They need a lifetime lasting trauma next time. I hate to see what that would mean.

The Corporate media just repeats anything that our rulers tell them to. There is no Fair and Balanced media. What little independent media outlets there are out there are either scared or apathetic. I’m betting the latter.

Let the show go on.

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