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The Linear Canvas

Gambling-The Immoral Majority

February 5th, 2005 . by Alexander Fisher

When I was a little boy, there weren’t as many things for people to get into trouble doing. The only thing a person could really do that was at least somewhat naughty was to drink heavily or go to Las Vegas and gamble. There were no lotteries then and there was no gambling anywhere else either, that was legal. There were many things different at that time. On Sundays almost every business was closed. There were few gas stations open. If you found yourself needing anything other than spending the day at church, you were pretty much out of luck.

I can remember when Ohio first began its lottery. I was young, so I did not know what it really meant. We had been told by the gambling advocates, that the lottery proceeds would help schools buy the things that they needed. I am not sure, but I doubt that there was ever much truth to that then or now. At the time, I did not realize that the difference between a lottery and gambling in Ohio, was that the lottery was legal.

I can also remember when being a Christian also meant that you did not gamble at all. Now my perception is that gambling is everywhere in religion. Catholic churches have long been involved in gambling for-profit. Now almost everyone seems to regard things like gambling as just another form of entertainment and revenue that harms no one except the wicked. The head of the Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed, also works for casino owners. I could guess, but do not have any facts to back it up, that there is probably gambling on Christian cruise ships too. If you would go to any casino regardless of where it is and ask anyone there whether they were Christian or not, I am sure there would be few that would not be. Right wing politician and author of books about morality, William Bennett, had to admit to losing millions of dollars gambling. His only real excuse was that because he was so rich, it really did not matter that he lost so much money. I suppose that is true to some degree, but it does not set a very good example for a person who claims that his moral views are superior to those that do not gamble just because they’re not Republicans. If you think being a Christian and gambling are going to get you into heaven, I’d say you’re quite mistaken.

I know I’m just a stick in the mud when it comes to gambling. I consider the best way to support my local school system is to pay my taxes. In addition, if I wanted to give more money to schools, I would just take it to the principal’s office and just give it to them. As far as the lottery goes, I am just as well off, wadding the money up and throwing it over my shoulder. It certainly has the same effect as spending it on the lottery. There was a person that I knew once that won $1,000 just after the lottery began. I think that is the most money that anyone has won that I ever knew, and that was 30 years ago.

Gambling and all the things that go with it, are responsible for suicide, bankruptcy, adultery, divorce, prostitution, drug abuse, and many other crimes. These are not moral things. I am sure William Bennett would at least agree that gambling is not a moral behavior for anyone, when it leads to crimes against innocent people and the physical and mental abuse of the least able among us. Unfortunately this is the case much too often.

The next time you feel like playing the lottery or going to a casino, instead go to your local homeless shelter and donate the money for food. If heaven is your goal, that might do the trick. I’d bet on that.

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