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The Linear Canvas

The Columbus Dispatch Endorses John McCain: Stupidity or Criminal Insannity?

October 20th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

For some time now I have been waiting for the Columbus Dispatch’s endorsement for president. Remembering that the paper had made endorsements in the last two elections for president that were self serving and as it turned out totally bone headed, I assumed that the Dispatch’s owners would again err on the side of personal profit, as opposed to the public good.

This past Sunday I found my waiting was over, and the endorsement was just as I expected. Again the Dispatch endorsed the candidate that will change little except the name on the door of the oval office.

What needs to happen is a thorough investigation of events of the last eight years, beginning with the events preceeding September 11, 2001 up to and including the current financial crisis. Now is the time to look back and assign blame morally and physically for the disaster that has been the Cheney/Bush administration. Continuing the Neo-Con hold on the White House will only allow the guilty to be pardoned and important records to be destroyed. To discover the path to future prosperity, we need to know how we sank so low, so as not repeat the unfortunate road we took to get here. With a McCain presidency, this path will not change as we will only sink to new lower depths of incompetence and criminality.

My wife, after seeing the endorsement of John McCain for president, asked me to cancel my subscription to the Columbus Dispatch. I am certainly going to look at my options in reading material as I have already done with my selection of local TV and radio programming.

Believe me, none of these decisions will be to the benefit to the Dispatch, its broadcasting division, or any other media outlet that believes you can do the same thing over and over again and then can expect a different result.

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