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The Linear Canvas

Trumpsky Tries to Steal Electors in 2020 Election

November 15th, 2020 . by Alexander Fisher

If Trumpsky Party loyalists got what they wanted, then state legislators would be picking electoral delegates that favor Trumpsky. This is what would happen next if they could.

It is up to the U.S. Congress to accept or deny the electors. The house would certainly vote them down and on January 20th, by law, Nancy Pelosi would be sworn in as President.

That would be funny. I suppose she could either stay President or she could appoint Joe Biden as VP, then resign and he could pick Kamala Harris as his VP. California Governor Gavin Newsom could re-appoint then ex-President Pelosi back to the House of Representatives, if needed.

Why would the Trumpsky Party push this poorly planned way of staying in the White House? Because President Putin doesn’t want all the anarchy he has caused destroying America to be for naught. In addition, Trumpsky wants desperately to stay out of jail.

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