The Linear Canvas
This journal is about the wrongs and rights of the world, as I see them.

The Linear Canvas

No One Will Say The Word: Cheater

November 8th, 2020 . by Alexander Fisher

We know there was cheating in 2016 by Trumpsky and the Russians, etc. We have several government reports that say as much. In addition, we have only part of the Mueller Report and that makes it abundantly clear there was cheating by the Republicans. With all their admissions of being willing to cheat to win ever since then, I am always stunned at the refusal to even admit that that may be why the polls are always wrong. This reluctance to acknowledge the obvious is why the polls will continue to baffle those that cannot fathom why the right wing can poll so poorly, then perform so well. It would seem these anomalies should affect both sides, but clearly don’t. The damage to democracy caused by hanging chads is minuscule compared to the chaos that electronic voting has wreaked on our election outcomes since 2000.

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