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Taser Anyone?

June 26th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

This report came from the "INTERNETS"

Report: Taser Use In Man’s Death Did Not Violate Policy

An investigation by the Butler County (Ohio) Sheriff’s Office has found that an Oxford police officer did not violate policy when he used a Taser gun on an intoxicated man who later died.

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Shouldn’t part of the policy be, "Don’t kill anybody"?

It’s pretty obvious that law enforcement is given the benefit of the doubt most of the time when there are casualties.  This is probably because they are involved in so many more incidents that might result in harming someone.  In the heat of the moment, anything can happen.  There are some pretty dangerous people out there and no officer could ever know the intentions of others they encounter.

A little is probably the familiarity with the officers by those that make and enforce the rules.

It’s not this one incident really, it’s my perception, so that is my reality.  Maybe, if they ever seemed to find an officer guilty of something my perception would be different.  Maybe it does happens. But if it does, they don’t give it enough publicity.

Taser’s can be dangerous weapons. The way they are marketed makes them seem mostly harmless.  I can see their use by the public as opposed to a gun, but I just think they have become weapons of convenience for security guards and law enforcement and some don’t hesitate to use them when maybe they should, just to think about the harm they might cause.

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