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The Linear Canvas

FISA and Giving Corporations Immunity, So They Don’t Rat Out Corrupt Politicians

June 19th, 2008 . by Alexander Fisher

I do not support any FISA legislation that includes telecom wiretap immunity.  If the telecom companies get away with this, then most likely the administration will get away with any and all of the crimes they are guilty of. I assume that they will find a way to pardon all of the law breakers in the end, but this was too big, so they need congress to do their dirty work.

You know this is wrong. You probably went to the same public schools I did and learned the same American History. How can this be reconciled with what we know about the ideals that the United States of America was founded on?

With the building scrutiny about other matters concerning the current presidents, their policies,and their decisions, I beg you to find yourself on the correct side of history and contact your representative in congress. In history’s rear view mirror, those that stood by the constitution during this time, including yourself, will be seen as a savior of our constitutional democracy.

Please standup for what you know is right and do not support any FISA legislation including telecom wiretap immunity.

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