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World Trade Center, No Conspiracy Theory, Just the Facts.

September 1st, 2011 . by Alexander Fisher

WTC 1_2These are 9/11 Facts. Look them up if you don’t believe me.

Larry Silverstein bought the World Trade Center in August 2001. The two buildings that fell on national television a month later, buildings one and two, had been condemned for asbestos contamination. The asbestos removal would have cost three billion dollars ($3,000,000,000). Mr. Silverstein paid two-hundred million dollars ($200,000,000) for the whole complex. Not a very profitable investment, yet.

That same month, Mr. Silverstein was awarded an insurance policy for several billion dollars that included coverage for terrorist attacks. Terrorist coverage on a condemned building already known to be a target for "terrorists". That doesn’t seem like a very good risk for any insurance company. Selling a policy like that would usually get someone fired.

Mr. Silverstein finally settled for four and a half billion dollars ($4,550,000,000) after the towers fell. He wanted more. Over four billion dollars in profit for a one month ownership of the WTC site. Not too bad. Never mind that the only building that Mr. Silverstein actually built, building seven, also fell several hours later after sustaining some minor fire damage. No aircraft hit it, just some debris. And like buildings one and two, it fell into its own foundation at near free fall speed, without much damage to surrounding structures. Some of building seven’s occupants read like a financial who’s-who of the US. That Included offices of the Securities Exchange Commission (the Wall Street cops) where they kept all the evidence for criminal cases. All of the criminal evidence on WorldCom, Enron and many others were there in building seven, and destroyed in the collapse.

Nothing to look at here. Move along.

I am writing a much longer article about what I know about the events of 9/11. I will post it some time soon.
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