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The Linear Canvas

My Newest Recording – The Sunniest Day

December 9th, 2012 . by Alexander Fisher

DCP_2070I had recently been recording songs that were very much heavier than I had been creating. Many of the people I have been hanging around for the past year can be at the very least described as hard rockers. Their influence is evident in those last few tracks.

So I was a little surprised at how The Sunniest Day turned out. My wife was describing the music tracks as happy and cheerful. (!!!?) I probably knew I wasn’t going to record an electric song by then, but when she said that I was a taken aback. But once the music was finished, I wasn’t really inspired to write any lyrics. So the music just sat for about a month.

Recently I forced myself to finish one of the four songs I was sitting on, all without lyrics. I had some ideas but nothing that I got very far with. This song was just titled “UNTITLED”. So I had more to do to it than any of the others. After a long listening session and a page full of lyrics,  I finished it. Now more info

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I only need to write lyrics for the three other songs I have.

Just like many times in the past, I used my wife and best friend, Jill,  as a subject for the song. I told my cousin that I probably could release a rock opera soon based on my wife considering how many times she has been a subject in a song.

I wrote the music and lyrics for The Sunniest Day. I also sang all the vocal parts and created the music tracks. I played my Takamine acoustic guitar, Rickenbacker 4001 bass, and a tambourine. The keyboards are all from my Roland MIDI slave keyboard played through the Dimension Pro synthesizer. The sounds are Hammond organ , piano, and strings. I used a Shure SM-27 condenser microphone for most of the vocals. I also used a Shure SM-58 for some of the background vocals. I programmed the drums with Session Drummer 3 using a Roland Octapad MIDI drum pad. I recorded the tracks using Cakewalk Sonar X2 Producer Expanded on my Tascam FW-1804 PC interface. The PC is an AMD 2.7GHz 6 core running on an Asus motherboard with 16 GB of Corsair DDR3 memory and an nVidia video card with 1.5 GB of on board memory.